With innovative technology, we change the way you consume entertainment.

Seamless Video Playback
Our adaptive video streaming technology ensures that the best possible video quality is played back automatically based on the available bandwidth, therefore making it a great video experience on both mobile networks as well as WiFi internet connections. Our video is optimized to play on mobile networks with inconsistent throughput so you don't have to compromise on the experience
Smart Search
Content search on Disney+ Hotstar has been optimized to reduce complexity and delay in accessing content. Accurate search results, with lightning-fast, autocomplete suggestions navigate users to video with minimal navigation friction and ease of use.
Friendly User Interface
Content organization on Disney+ Hotstar is a result of a thoughtful user experience approach and strong design principles that ensure that you are able to search for content according to your preferences. Using a mix of algorithms and human curation, Disney+ Hotstar will help you discover content and evolve the patterns based on your interactions.
Hot Content Catalog
Disney+ Hotstar offers the latest and most popular TV, movies, and knowledge-based content from India and the world. With content in more than 8 languages, Disney+ Hotstar is home to some of the longest-running, and highest-rated TV content in the country. Our roster of the biggest names in Indian cinema makes Disney+ Hotstar the preferred destination for the biggest blockbusters from Bollywood and regional cinema.
Disney+ Hotstar is investing in generating content keeping in mind the sentiments and likings of consumers. Taking these factors into consideration we have created a series of original content.
Disney+ Hotstar Premium
Disney+ Hotstar is India's largest premium streaming platform that has changed the way people watch their entertainment - from their favorite TV shows and movies to sporting extravaganzas. has a large selection of Disney+ Originals, latest American shows, blockbuster Hollywood movies and award-winning content from International studios
We continue to build a culture where everyone belongs. This is what makes us stronger. We seek to move the world forward with magic and innovation. This is reflected in our ongoing commitment to creating an environment focused on equality, inclusion, empowerment and respect. Disney+Hotstar is a place where everyone can show up as themselves and do their best work every day.
Making entertainment accessible and delightful to all people through seamless and intuitive technology and an experience that expands interests and enables deeper connections
  • We are customer-obsessed
  • We are audacious in vision and action
  • We encourage honesty and open dialogue
  • We respect everyone and every point of view
  • We make objective and data-driven decisions
  • We believe trust and accountability go hand-in-hand
  • We invest in each other's growth
  • We bring our A-game. And nothing else
  • We take charge and get it done

The Crew

Many Minds, One Platform.
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